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The Rape of Lucrece Themes

Shakespeares greatest poem is  The Rape of Lucrece. Explore some of the key themes in this classic text. The Plague It has been suggested that this poem reflects fears about the plague, which was rampant in Shakespeare’s England. The dangers of inviting a stranger into your home could result in your body being ravaged by disease, as Lucrece is ravaged. She kills herself to save her family from shame, but if the rape signifies the plague might she kill herself to prevent the disease from spreading? The play was written at a time when the theaters would have been closed to prevent the spreading of the plague and may, therefore, have informed Shakespeare’s writing. The story would have been familiar to Elizabethans and various versions of it were already available. Love and Sexuality The Rape of Lucrece serves as an antidote to Venus and Adonis in that it provides a moral contrast to how it deals with the idea of love and sexuality. Tarquin is unable to subdue his desires despite misgivings and he suffers for this, as does the undeserving Lucrece and her family. It is a cautionary tale of what can happen if you let your desires run free. Tarquin, Lines 267-271 Why hunt I then for colour or excuses?All orators are dumb when beauty pleadethPoor wretches have remorse in poor abuses;Love thrives not in the heart that shadows dreadeth;Affection is my captain, and he leadeth This play is a contrast to the romantic comedy of As You Like It, for example, where the pursuit of love and affection is treated in a light, though hard-won, way. This poem highlights the dangers of self-satisfaction and pursuing the wrong person. The pastoral is replaced by the military and instead of a game; the pursuit of a woman is seen as the spoils of war but in the end, it is seen for what it is which is a kind of a war crime. The poem comes under the genre known as the complaint, a type of poem which was popular in the late middle ages and Renaissance. This style was particularly popular at the time when this poem was written. A complaint is usually in the form of a monologue in which the narrator laments and bewails their fate or the sad state of the world. The Rape of Lucrece fits the complaints’ highly elaborate style, which uses digressions and long speeches. Themes of Rape Violation often takes Biblical images in The Rape of Lucrece. Tarquin takes on the role of Satan in the garden of Eden, violating an innocent and incorruptible Eve. Collatine takes on the role of Adam, who lures Satan in with his boastful discourse about his wife and her beauty. When he takes the apple from the tree, the Snake enters Lucrece’s bedchamber and violates her. Lines 85-87 This earthly saint adored by this devilLittle suspecteth the false worshipper,For unstained thoughts do seldom dream on evil. Collatine is responsible for inciting Tarquin’s desires and redirecting his rage from the enemy in the field to his own wife. Tarquin becomes jealous of Collatine and instead of vanquishing an army, his desires are redirected towards Lucrece as his prize. Lucrece is described as if she is a work of art; Lines 27-28 Honour and beauty in the owner’s armsAre weakly fortressed from a world of harms. Tarquin’s rape of her is described as if she is a fortress under attack. He conquers her physical attributes. Through her suicide, Lucrece’s body becomes a political symbol. As feminism later coined, the personal is political and the King and his family are finally overthrown to make way for the Republic to be formed. Lines 1849-1855 When they had sworn to this advised doomThey did conclude to bear dead Lucrece thenceTo show her bleeding body thorough Rome,And to publish Tarquin’s foul offence;Which being done with speedy diligence,The Romans plausibly did give consentTo Tarquin’s everlasting banishment. Source Shakespeare, William. The Rape of Lucrece. Paperback, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, March 11, 2018.

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Effects Of Divorce On Children s Socio Economic Success...

Ora Fudge English 1302.41430 Prof. Savage 4 Dec. 2016 Effects of Divorce on Children s Socio-Economic Success The family is the lowest unit within the social structure. Basically, a family consists of a couple and their children. Socially, a â€Å"full† family unit is respected while â€Å"one† units are stigmatized. In the past decade, an extensive literature has been developed in relation to the interplay between family structure, family change and child outcomes. In the developed world, marriage is no longer a priority particularly to the younger generation. There is a dimension of literature that claims that children raised by lone parents generally perform relatively poorer than those brought up in two-parent set ups (Jeffrey 102-103). Divorce should be viewed as a series of events and not as a single event. It involves a confluence of factors and processes that occur during and after the divorce. This essay asserts that divorce has negative effects on Children s Socio-economic success. Divorce affects education in qu antifiable terms. Education influences a child’s economic status through multiple fronts. The first dimension is access to the job market and occupation. Good education or schooling is associated with higher pay which in turn translates to better lifestyles and quality of life (Jeffrey 67-68). Studies indicate that divorce and low educational performance are positively correlated. A study conducted by Potter established that students’ in divorced familiesShow MoreRelatedThe Attachment Theory On Child Abuse, The Family, And. Children And Divorce2249 Words   |  9 PagesAttachment Theory in Child Psychology The term attachment describes an infant s tendency to seek closeness to particular people and to feel more secure in their presence (Atkinson et al, 2000, p90). This essay will attempt to provide a brief and up to date summary of attachment theory and research, show how it is linked to Child Abuse, the Family, and Children and Divorce, critically evaluating attachment s predictive value. One of the most influential theories in the history of attachmentRead More The Attachment Theory in Child Psychology Essay2260 Words   |  10 Pagesbrief and up to date summary of attachment theory and research, show how it is linked to Child Abuse, the Family, and Children and Divorce, critically evaluating attachments predictive value. One of the most influential theories in the history of attachment has been that of John Bowlby developed during a study of the mental health of homeless children for the World Health Organisation in 1951. This proposed a multidisciplinary stance in which psychoanalysis appears to Read MoreJuvenile Delinquency Essay1646 Words   |  7 Pagesrelationship between socio-economic status and vulnerability to crime cannot be dismissed (Aaltonen, Kivivuori, Martikainen, 2011). Only when these blatant injustices (e.g. the gap between the rich and the poor) are compensated, a reduction of crime can be achieved (Aaltonen, Kivivuori, Martikainen, 2011). However, not only economic problems cause juveniles to commit criminal acts. Also, broken families, which are often accompanied by alcoholism, unemployment, and a high divorce rate, contributeRead MoreLong Term Effects Of Single Parenting Adolescents And Young Adults1431 Words   |  6 PagesLong term effects of single parenting in adolescents and young adults In today’s world, single-parent families become the opposite of the so-called â€Å"nuclear family†, which consists of a mom, a dad, and children. Single-parent households increased in the last 20 years and today, finding a family headed by: mothers, fathers, and grandparents only appears normal. This new pattern creates difficulties on children because single-parents tend to devote more time to work in order to achieve financial stabilityRead MoreThe Effects of Socio-Economic Status on Students Achievements in Biology13494 Words   |  54 Pageswitnessed series of political instability with obvious effect on educational policies at federal, state and local government level. This gradually laid the foundation of fallen standard in education at the primary and secondary level which caused differential academic performance of students. In the quest of finding survival feet, the nation has evolved series of socio-economic and educational measures but these have not improv ed the socio-economic status of families in the country. It’s within thisRead MoreEssay on Traditional and Modern Family Composition2087 Words   |  9 Pagesgeneration there are many forms of family composition that contributes to how a society defines a family. There is the traditional family where there are heterosexual parents and biological children. There is also the modern family where there is a broader combination, extended relationships, and out of wedlock children. In entirety of all forms of family composition, a family plays an important role with a function that will contribute to the society’s equilibrium. Looking further into a smaller scaleRead MoreStudent Readiness And Academic Achievement1522 Words   |  7 Pagesfirst time Kindergarten students. We acknowledge that despite empirical evidence substantiating parental involvement as the primary predictor of school readiness and academic achievement, other variables come into play such as socio-econom ic status, family structure (i.e. divorce), ethnicity, participation in pre-Kindergarten programs, education level of the maternal figure, native language (if not English), and exposure to violence, among a myriad of other contributing factors not listed here (KaplanRead MoreEffect of Broken Home19368 Words   |  78 Pagesexperience by some of the students not only with those in poverty line families but same goes to middle and higher class families. Parents chose to live separately regardless how their children feel and its impact to their lives, however, there are still parents in spite of the situation still supports and care of their children in their studies, and others. It is worthy to note that majority of high school students in the country who got poor or failing grades in their academic subjects came from brokenRead MoreThe Over Representation Of The New Zealand s Crime Sector Essay2143 Words   |  9 Pagesdifficult economic period, or recession, for example, it was the sectors that employed large amounts of the Maori population that were affected most by these downturns. Many argue that it is the continuing effects of colonisation that influences the particular demographics of our Maori population that have trickled down through many generations, and continues to do so. Such demographics are the over-representation of the Maori population in several negative indicators such as health, socio-economic statusRead MoreSex Education in Nigeria7622 Words   |  31 Pagespromote their knowledge about how all these interact with socio-cultural and religious factors to affect personal well-being. This set of values sexuality education was set to prom ote perhaps form part of the motivation for its introduction into the Nigerian educational system. However, in view of the predicament suffered by similar intervention packages such as Population/Family-life Education it is relevant to examine the potentials for success and failure of this nascent subject. With this backdrop

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East Is East Movie Review Free Essays

This movie tells us the story of a Pakistani migrant who experiments troubles finding a compromise between his integration and keeping his roots. Indeed, we understand his will to impose his family a strict Pakistani culture at the very beginning of the movie, when he pushes his eldest son in an arranged marriage. His family is obviously reluctant to his conservative vision, which leads the whole family to stand up against the father when he tries to organize arranged marriages for two of his other sons. We will write a custom essay sample on East Is East Movie Review or any similar topic only for you Order Now Hence, we are being presented successively two different facets of this character. On the one hand, a narrow-minded and over-conservative person, which makes him a brutal husband (the climax of this movie might be when he beats his wife, which marks a real turning point for the relations among the family) and an oppressive father. The realisator managed to create a complex character around who the movie is articulated. As a matter of fact, his presence is tangible throughout the movie, even among the scenes which are shot through the children’s point of view. With hindsight, this movie is about a man torn between his desire of integration (we might note his pride when he talks about his owning a business) and the fear of losing his roots. We eventually feel that he just wishes the best for his family, which is why he imposes his vision of life. Though, we might see a part of egoism in his acts, as the strict way he is raising his kids is also a way for him to compensate the distance with his own country . The numerous points of view proposed give texture to this movie, and animates the underlying issues; it comes to say the cultural and generational clash. Even though the subject is quite serious and sad, the realisator succeeded in making this movie lively, and rather optimistic. Many scenes are very dramatic and include a lot of humour. Furthermore, it offers a progressive outlook through the  « happy ending  » and the evolution of points of view from one generation to an other (Ernest’s tolerance Vs it’s grand-father’s intolerance). Finally, we might also think of the scene when Sajid gets his hood ripped off to represent the father’s openness to his family’s expectations. Indeed, in a previous scene shot from Sajid’s point of view, the hood gives a very narrow and vaginal-shaped view angle. Therefore, this scene might be applied to his father, the loss of the hood symbolising both the loss of his blinkers and the cut of his umbilical cordon. Thus, it suggests the birth of a brand new man and the entrance in a new era for his family. How to cite East Is East Movie Review, Essay examples

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Comparison of Life in America and Canada-Free-Samples for Students

Question: Discuss about the Comparison of life in America and Canada. Answer: Introduction The wellbeing of an individual is determined by the cost of living in a particular area that is total amount of money that an individual needs to sustain the living standard. It concerns the basic needs such as food, housing, clothing, healthcare and many others (Atalla, Bigerna, Bollino, Fuentes 2017, p. 116). Different cities have different cost of living and are affected by various factors such as the countrys economic, social, and environmental factors (Tan 2016, p. 23). The paper explores, the various factors that determine the cost of living in both Canada and America, and the come up with a conclusive recommendation to determine the best city to hail in. Canada is located on the northern side of the North America content covering an area of about 9.98 million square kilometers, thereby making the country to the second largest in the world and most of the areas are covered by forest, rocky mountains and tundra. The Canada has ten provinces and is sparsely populated with approximately 35,151,728 people ranking the country at number 38 as the most populated in the world. Canada is a major supplier of the agricultural products and leading energy exporter. Canada ranks as the fifteenth in the nominal per capita income global rating and tenth in the human development index ranking. These factors are attributed to the low level of corruption, civil liberties, high level, of education, economic freedom and many others that eventually affect the quality and cost of living (Bricker, Dettling, Henriques, Hsu, , Jacobs, Moore, Pack, Sabelhaus, Thompson, Windle 2017, p. 89). America also known as the United States of America is situated in the N orthern American continent too, and covers about 3,805,927 square miles with a population of about 320,061,700. America is the third largest country, with a mixed economy (Koth Debeaumont 2017). Factors Affecting the Standard of Living The two countries appear remarkably similar as both display impressive infrastructure system, high socioeconomic profile, diverse ethnicity, and sprawl. However, when the factors are further broken down into smaller traits and analyzed, they show big contrast that brings a difference in the level of living standard and well being of an individual. Gross Domestic Product The standard of living in a nation is mostly determined by the GDP. GDP is the monetary value of all the finished products and services within a countrys border at a specific time frame and helps in determining the economic activity of a nation (Chien Mistry 2013, p. 9). GDP includes the consumption, government expenditure, investment, and export fewer imports (James Ming 2015, p. 20). The mode for measuring GDP is uniform, making possible for economics to determine and compare the cost of living of various nations. The GDP is calculated using based on two approaches that are production and income based. The production approach determines the value of a finished product regarding the cost of the material and services involved, while the income approach determines the GDP about the amount of the coins spent to acquire a product or a service. However, some countries have invested in the international market; their economic health is the best measure of Gross National Income that cover s both the domestic and foreign investments (James 2015). The prices of goods differ in countries, and this is always determined using the real GDP by comparing the prices of a product or service between current and base year. According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA), the formula for real GDP per capita is real GDP/population. The inflation of a country always fluctuates in different parts of the year and therefore, if the GDP stays in the negative then the countys economy tends to recess, and if the time continues, the country goes into depression, then prices of goods and services tend to inflate (James 2015). The GDP tends to impact directly on the personal finance, investment and the availability of employment. This in return affects the cost of living. The table 1 shows Canadian GDP from 2012 to 2018, projecting to 2022. In 2017 the gross domestic product per capita in Canada was about 43,611.26 U.S dollars. In 2014 Canada had one of the largest GDP per capita values in the world. It shows steady growth from 2010 to 2013 with a difference of about 1.2% and then dropped up to 2017. On the other hand, table 2 shows America GDP, that tends to advance annually too from 2010 with about 1.8 % till 2014 that it dropped, ringing the value to negative (Tan 2016, p. 7). From 2016 the GDP the started increasing again and is projected to increase steadily by 2.5% up to 2020. From the statistic it is notable that the GDP of an American is higher than that of a Canadian, this high percentage cannot translate to the well being of the most of the Americans since the per capita GDP is much higher. The high GDP makes the standard of living to go higher while obtaining key elements such as water, food shelter, and health service. Figure 1: Shows GDP of Canada Figure 2: Shows GDP of America Disposable Income The cost of living in an area at an individual level is most appropriately determined by the amount of salary received since money determines the amount and quality of services and products received (Smith 2012, p.5). When an individual has low disposable income, the quality of services received is also low, and when the deposable incomes are more, the quality and amount of the products increases. Several studies shows that rich people tend to have higher well-being compared to individuals who are poor, therefore the latter are always less happy (Eksi Kaya 2017). The difference in the amount of disposable income varies per job specifications, country, and employer. The average salary for both Canadian and an American are perceived to be most of the same amount (George Rhodes 2017, p. 7). After taxation, a Canadian averagely receives $2,773.50 while an America gets $ 3,258.85 per month ranking them number 24 and 12 respectively in the whole world. Food Food is the basic need of a human being as its the source of energy. Unavailability of adequate and good quality food, results into poor feeding styles that eventually translate into diseases such as kwashiorkor, cancer, obesity, cardiovascular disease and many others (Eksi Kaya 2017, p.34). Food and drinks cost are always priced about the item and the area and are relatively the same in both united states and Canada. However, the average value of the food is cheaper in Canada than in America (Korth DeBeaumont 2017, p. 51). Agriculture production being one of the major economies in Canada makes more agricultural products such as fruits to be less expensive in the country than in America, and on the other hand, America is a mixed economy with various processing companies experience cheaper processed food items than in Canadians. From the average of the randomly picked food items below, it is observed that the total cost of those food items is less in Canada with a small margin. Canada ($) America ($) Milk(1l) 1.67 0.85 Loaf of bread(500g) 2.77 3.30 Chicken breast (1kg) 9.05 8.50 Rice(1kg) 2.97 3.95 Total cost 16.46 16.6 Table 1: Shows Comparison of essential food items between America and Canada Housing Housing or shelter is one of the fundamental needs of a human being and is also a determinant used to measure the well being of an individual and the whole country. Unavailability of shelter poses an individual to various threats such burglary and diseases such as pneumonia. When the number of houses in a country is less than the total population, then the cost of housing tends to go up. This eventually translates to a high living standard in a country. Type of the house Value of renting a house in Canada ($) Value of renting a house in America($ ) Furnished one-bedroom house in the city 930.31 1200.99 furnished one-bedroom house outside of a city 742.32 942.42 Furnished three-bedroom house in the city 1,498.83 1933.65 furnished-three bedroom outside of a city 1,203.00 1,501.72 Table 2: Shows comparison accommodation rate in Canada and America From the table, it is evident that the prices of houses in Canada are much lower than in America, a factor that was contributed by the huge mortgage in America in the past years. All the houses that were privately owned in America were taken by the government entities such Federal Housing Administration and the U.S Department of Veterans Affairs that all regulate the system of housing making it too complicated, encouraging homeownership (Whaples 2011, p. 34). While in Canada, housing policy promotes the access to the house through a variety of tenure: whereby it does not explicitly encourage homeownership. In Canada, the conventional mortgages are the five-year fixed rate closed mortgage unlike in the U.S the 30-year fixed-rate open mortgage has been the most common(Dupras 2017, p. 6). The type of mortgage in the U.S, therefore, makes many residents own their own homes, making it difficult for the non-residents to get a house. The few houses in America left for renting eventually becomes more expensive since the demand is very high. Health Services Health services entail the availability of affordable health services to a person. The quality and quantity of health services determine the life expectancy of an individual. America and Canadian contains some of the well-known health services in the world, however, according to the 2012 OECD Health data study, America ranks as number one the most expensive healthcare services with a per capita of $ 8,233, and Canada with health care per capita of $ 4,300 is cheaper than America. According to the U.S National Research Council, the Canadians tends to live longer than the Americans, an indication that latter are less healthy. The report further estimates that a Canadian born in 2007 is expected to live to about 79.3 for men and 82.3 years for girls, much more compared to 75.6 and 80.1 respectively in America (Whaples 2011, p. 90). The difference in life expectancy is brought about by the common smoking habit of Americans and availability of fat and fatty foods that causes cardiovascular disease and obesity ranking it to number 26 and Canada as number 10 in the whole world according to OECD. The smoking habit eventually affects the infant life expectancy in America. Most of the infants record low birth weight and tend to have a high mortality rate. However much the mortality rate Is high, and the life expectancy is low, amerce commands the best doctors that are capable of treating so many chronic diseases such as cancer, making a large number of patients to travel to America in search of the services. As it is human nature, the habit is more likely to be adopted by an immigrant or a newcomer that will eventually die before the right time. Finally, Americans tend to pay more money from their Gross domestic product towards health care by about 17% than the Canadians that pay about 11%. Figure 3: Shows the Life Expectancy of America and Canada Infrastructure Infrastructure is very essential as it allows the movement of people, products, and services from one place to another. In a situation of inadequate infrastructure system, the movement tends to be difficult and expensive. United States infrastructure is one of the most intricate transportation networks in the world (Morris 2016). The country has over 4million highways that extend to thousand, miles, numerous airports and railways lines that are capable of getting more people and goods to more various places than any country in the world. The Interstate Highway System dictates over one percent of the America transportation networks On the same note, Canadas infrastructure is one of the best-developed in the world since it meets the standard needed for high-tech business and international trade. These are about 36,114 kilometers of railways, 901,902 kilometers of roads that access all the major cities of Canada the developed highways and rails allow approximately 400 million tons of goods into and out of the country enabling good business. The excellent infrastructure favors the bus travelers who are always charged for about 1.75 CAD/km. However, the total miles of the road stretch is only about 648,000 that is far less to that of America. Education Apart from the basic needs of human being, the secondary requirements such as the cost of educations determine the level of living standards of a country. A well-educated individual is perceived to have a better lifestyle than an educated individual. The cost of tuition varies from country to country and also depends on the level and quality of education offered by the service provider. A large number of students tend to cross across borders in search of better academic services. The cost of these educational services tends to vary by the country and the level of education perceived. A large number of students are always in big debts resulting from the search of education in America that is higher than other countries. In America, it cost averagely about $ 37,600 in average public college and above $ 160, 000 in prestigious schools such as Harvard (Tan 2016). In the other hand, the average cost for a degree level starts at $ 8,000 to about $ 28,000, with about $ 50,000 in the most prestigious colleges, which is approximately one-third of a degree pursued in Harvard University. Moreover, Canada provides free public education to all citizens and permanent residents all way from the kindergarten to secondary school. This makes Canada cheaper than America in education provision, hence making it a destination for many students across the world that cannot afford to go America. Job Opportunities A large percentage of immigrants always cross borders in search of better employment opportunities. Securing a job ensures that an individual is capable of sustaining the needs such as food, clothing, and shelter. The rate of employment differs in various countries and are determined by various factors (Morris 2016).Canada currently tends to have strong employment market than the United States of America; that is experiencing the worst spell of unemployment for almost the past 20 years and continues to grow even into other parts of Europeans nations. The employment rate measures the number of working people per the available population. In Canada is averagely at 65.30 percent that has remained unchanged since 1976, only coming low in 2008 up to 56%. The American average employment rate is at 55.1 that have been dropping. Fortunately, the catastrophe of unemployment that is widespread in other Europeans countries does not affect Canada that offers a good environment for experts who ar e in search of job opportunity. Unemployment rate 5.90 Employed persons 18557.10 Unemployed persons 1153.40 Table 3: Shows the rate of employment between America and Canada The immigration policies of a country determine the opportunity an individual can have to move to that particular country. Unite states being the superpower with good infrastructure, education, health services, the stable economy made a large number of immigrants to move to America. The massive inflow of people created differences in the American attitude towards the immigrants: while some perceive the newcomers as beneficial to the country, a large number of Americans see and feel it as a threat to their life. The fear is brought about by frequents terrorist threats and attacks on the American soil. In addition to the terrorist scare, the population of American is very high, and therefore, allowing more other people from other countries tend to affect the sustainability (Koth Debeaumont 2017). These fears and doubts have made the American government under the leadership of Donald Trump have strengthened the immigration policies, making it difficult even to the genuine people who ar e in search of healthcare services to gain entry. Among the changed policies include the catch and release that allowed people found crossing into the American soil illegally released into the American while their asylum request was being processed since the government had nowhere to hold the detainees. The government has changed the policy and has embarked on expanding the detainees facilities. Another policy that has been modified is the Privacy Act that bared sharing of information of undocumented persons gained by government agencies such as Internal Revenue Services to Immigration Services. The policy aimed at allowing the undocumented people who have stayed in America for quite a long time to gain American citizenship. However, the situation is different in Canada that is sparsely populated, have more job opportunities, and have less restrictions in gaining into the country and the Canadian citizenship. Country Political stability and Crime rate Accident Rate The political stability of a country is influenced by various factors that are both internal and external (Beaumont 2017). It is defined as the resilience to adapt to the external factors and resume to the normal position by a country and determines the number of people traveling in and out of the state. When the countrys government unstable, the availability of business leaders and entrepreneurs from other countries tends to be affected. The United States and other British Commonwealth countries have enjoyed political balance for quite an extended period making them the most appropriate countries for investors(Eksi Kaya 2017). However, the ranking by the Global Peace Index place Canada was ranked eight as the most peaceful country in the world with the United States appearing at number 100. The index measured factors such the number of jailed citizens, political participation, and freedom to press, militarization, and other factors that identified the trend of peace over a given pe riod. Notably, the number of prison-sentences in Canada was approximately 38,700 people, translating to 114 for every 100,000 citizens unlike in the United States that averagely 716 people from every 100,000 citizens are locked up every year. According to the survey political violence, gun-related violence, terrorism, and overseas conflicts were high than their wealthy comparisons such as Europe, Asian, and Canada. The American political instability is majorly caused by the involvement of the government with other countries such as Iraq, Syria and South Korea. Other U.S.-designated terrorist organizations such as Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), the indigenous Revolutionary People's Liberation PartyFront (DHKP/C), and TAK also increased attacks in American soil. The government tends to spend a lot of money in the militarization, breaking the economic stability too. Consequently, the country is also on the verge of being attacked by terrorist anytime making any newcomer fear for their lives. Competitiveness Competitiveness is the set of institutions, policies, and factors that influence the level of productivity of a country. According to World Economic Forums Global Competitive report, (2015-2016)America is ranked the seventh a most economically competitive country in the globe. The country has a Global Competitive Index of 18 out of 144. The excellent universities, the flexible labor market, innovativeness, and quality of the infrastructure affect the rating. On the other hand, Canada is ranked on number 11, a position affected by the availability of quality electricity supply. Canada has Global Competitive Index of 14 out of 144. The rating shows that it is more competitive in America than in Canada. Therefore, a business person will opt to venture into Canada where there is a high probability of succeeding due to less competition. The major factor affecting the cost of living is the prices of goods and services that are also determined by various factors such as the demand and supply of the products and services, the Gross deistic product, and many others. America is considered as the most prestigious country and therefore, most people dream to live in America than other parts of the world. It is the human nature to compare their well-being to others, in relation to the quality of services and products received and that extends to the country level. Richer countries are always more happier than poor counties since the availability of the superior feeling among the residents. Utility cost Utility cost entails the expenses incurred on the items such as water and electricity. These items are essential since their unavailability make life difficult is such towns. The costs vary according to the region and the service provider. In America, the average monthly cost of the utilities are much higher than in Canada, a factor favored by the availability of mountains and water bodies in Canada. The energy is also cheap because Canada is a major producer of energy that is also exported to other countries. These utility costs tend to be higher in America than in Canada making the same people with equal disposable income in these respective counties to spend quite much in America than in Canada. Canada($) America($) Basic utilities (electricity, water) 108.38 147.71 Internet (unlimited data) 54.01 58.79 Table 4: Shows the comparison of Utilities in America and Canada Rights to live Every country has its constitution that entails different rights such right of freedom, right to live, right to move and many others (Arthur 2013). These rights vary and differ, for example in Canada the right to live were strengthened when the government abolished the capital punishment in 1976, unlike in the United States that still practices and charge inmate with death sentences. Being on the wrong side of the government is that every person should evade, but at times when one accidentally falls into a mistake then the ultimate judgment should not be death. Conclusion To most people, income is always the determinant of well being, a notion that is not true. Well, being is determined by many factors that have been discussed above, and each varies by the region, city, and service provider. To anybody who might be having difficulty in choosing which country between America and Canada is most suitable then I will recommend Canada. As much the healthcare services of the two countries are of good quality, I prefer living in Canada where the life expectancy at birth is much higher than in America. The life expectancy factor in Canada will allow anyone who is thinking of starting a family and putting them all through to education system, and then Canada is the best shot. Canada offers peaceful mind than America that has a high rate of gun violence and high probability of terrorist attack, due to the increased interaction of America and other countries that hood terrorist. It is quite easier to acquire entry into Canada than in America for those in search of job opportunities, that is quite unavailable in America. To an investor, Canada is the best shot, as much as it has lower Global Competitive Index than America, probability of a business thriving is very high than in America, since there is no stiff competition and the favorable work environment. List of References Atalla, T, Bigerna, S, Bollino, C, Fuentes, R 2017, 'Analyzing the effects of renewable energy and climate conditions on consumer welfare', Energy Journal, 38, pp. 115-135, Academic Search Premier, EBSCOhost, viewed 2 April 2018. Arthur, N 2013, 'International students' experiences of integrating into the workforce', Journal Of Employment Counseling, 50, 1, pp. 34-45, Academic Search Premier, EBSCOhost, viewed 3 April 2018. Beaumont, D 2017, 'All-America City Profile: Hayward, California', National Civic Review, 106, 1, pp. 51-56, Academic Search Premier, EBSCOhost, viewed 2 April 2018. Bricker, J, Dettling, L, Henriques, A, Hsu, J, Jacobs, L, Moore, K, Pack, S, Sabelhaus, J, Thompson, J, Windle, R 2017, 'Changes in U.S. Family Finances from 2013 to 2016: Evidence from the Survey of Consumer Finances', Federal Reserve Bulletin, 103, 3, pp. 1-41, Academic Search Premier, EBSCOhost, viewed 2 April 2018. Chien, N, Mistry, R 2013, 'Geographic Variations in Cost of Living: Associations With Family and Child Well-Being', Child Development, 84, 1, pp. 209-225, Academic Search Premier, EBSCOhost, viewed 2 April 2018. DUPRAS, J 2017, 'Cost of Living', Alternatives Journal (AJ) - Canada's Environmental Voice, 43, 1, pp. 36-39, Academic Search Premier, EBSCOhost, viewed 2 April 2018. Eksi, O, Kaya, N 2017, 'Life Satisfaction and Keeping Up with Other Countries', Journal Of Happiness Studies, 18, 1, pp. 199-228, Academic Search Premier, EBSCOhost, viewed 2 April 2018. George, G, Rhodes, B 2017, 'Is there a financial incentive to immigrate? 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Ancestry of Camilla Parker-Bowles

Ancestry of Camilla Parker-Bowles The second wife of Britains Prince Charles, Camilla Parker Bowles was born Camilla Shand in London, England in 1947. She met Prince Charles at Windsor Great Park in the early seventies. Believing he would never propose, however, she married Army officer Andrew Parker Bowles with whom she had two children, Tom, born in 1975 and Laura, born in 1979. Her marriage to Andrew ended in divorce in January 1995. Interesting Facts One of the most famous individuals in Camillas family tree is her great-grandmother, Alice Frederica Edmonstone Keppel, royal mistress to King Edward VII from 1898 until his death in 1910. Madonna shares a distant relationship with Camilla Parker Bowles through Zacharie Cloutier (1617-1708), while Celine Dion shares descent with Camilla from Jean Guyon (1619-1694). Camilla Parker-Bowles Family Tree This family tree is explained using an  Ahnentafel chart,  a standard numbering scheme which makes it easy to see at a glance how a specific ancestor is related to the root individual, as well as easily navigate between generations of a family. First Generation: 1. Camilla Rosemary SHAND was born on 17 Jul 1947 in Kings College Hospital, London.  She married Brigadier Andrew Henry PARKER-BOWLES (b. 27 Dec 1939) at The Guards Chapel, Wellington Barracks, on 4 July 1973. Their marriage ended in divorce in 1996.1 Second Generation: 2. Major Bruce Middleton Hope SHAND was born on 22 Jan 1917.2  Major Bruce Middleton Hope SHAND and Rosalind Maud CUBITT were married on 2 Jan 1946 in St. Pauls Knightsbridge.3 3. Rosalind Maud CUBITT was born on 11 Aug 1921 in 16 Grosvenor Street, London.  She died in 1994.3 Major Bruce Middleton Hope SHAND and Rosalind Maud CUBITT had the following children:4 1 i. Camilla Rosemary SHANDii. Sonia Annabel SHAND was born on 2 Feb 1949.iii. Mark Roland SHAND was born on 28 Jun 1951 and died on 23 Apr 2014. Third Generation: 4. Philip Morton SHAND was born on 21 Jan 1888 in Kensington.5 He died on 30 Apr 1960 in Lyon, France. Philip Morton SHAND and Edith Marguerite HARRINGTON were married on 22 Apr 1916.6 They were divorced in 1920. 5. Edith Marguerite HARRINGTON was born on 14 Jun 1893 in Fulham, London.7 Philip Morton SHAND and Edith Marguerite HARRINGTON had the following children: 2 i. Major Bruce Middleton Hope SHANDii. Elspeth Rosamund Morton SHAND 6. Roland Calvert CUBITT, 3rd Baron Ashcombe, was born on 26 Jan 1899 in London and  died on 28 Oct 1962 in Dorking, Surrey.  Roland Calvert CUBITT and Sonia Rosemary KEPPEL were married on 16 Nov 1920 in Guards Chapel, Wellington Barracks, St. George Hanover Square.8 They were divorced in Jul 1947. 7. Sonia Rosemary KEPPEL was born on 24 May 1900.9  She died on 16 Aug 1986. Roland Calvert CUBITT and Sonia Rosemary KEPPEL had the following children: 3 i. Rosalind Maud CUBITTii. Henry Edward CUBITT was born on 31 Mar 1924.iii. Jeremy John CUBITT was born on 7 May 1927.  He died on 12 Jan 1958. Fourth Generation: 8. Alexander Faulkner SHAND was born on 20 May 1858 in Bayswater, London.10 He died on 6 Jan 1936 in Edwardes Place, Kensington, London. Alexander Faulkner SHAND and Augusta Mary COATES were married on 22 Mar 1887 in St. George, Hanover Square, London.11 9. Augusta Mary COATES was born on 16 May 1859 in Bath, Somerset.12 Alexander Faulkner SHAND and Augusta Mary COATES had the following children: 4 i. Philip Morton SHAND 10. George Woods HARRINGTON was born on 11 Nov 1865 in Kensington.13 George Woods HARRINGTON and Alice Edith STILLMAN were married on 4 Aug 1889 in St. Lukes, Paddington.14 11. Alice Edith STILLMAN was born about 1866 in Notting Hill, London.15 George Woods HARRINGTON and Alice Edith STILLMAN had the following children: i. Cyril G. HARRINGTON was born about 1890 in Parsons Green.5 ii. Edith Marguerite HARRINGTON 12. Henry CUBITT, 2nd Baron Ashcombe was born on 14 Mar 1867. He died on 27 Oct 1947 in Dorking, Surrey. Henry CUBITT and Maud Marianne CALVERT were married on 21 Aug 1890 in Ockley, Surrey, England. 13. Maud Marianne CALVERT was born in 1865 in Charlton, near Woolwich, England. She died on 7 Mar 1945. Henry CUBITT and Maud Marianne CALVERT had the following children: i. Captain Henry Archibald CUBITT was born on 3 Jan 1892.  He died on 15 Sep 1916.ii. Lieutenant Alick George CUBITT was born on 16 Jan 1894.  He died on 24 Nov 1917.iii. Lieutenant William Hugh CUBITT was born on 30 May 1896.  He died on 24 Mar 1918.6 iv. Roland Calvert CUBITT, 3rd Baron Ashcombev. Archibald Edward CUBITT was born on 16 Jan 1901.  He died on 13 Feb Charles Guy CUBITT was born on 13 Feb 1903.  He died in 1979. 14. Lt. Col. George KEPPEL was born on 14 Oct 1865 and  died on 22 Nov 1947.16 Lt. Col. George KEPPEL and Alice Frederica EDMONSTONE were married on 1 Jun 1891 in St. George, Hanover Square, London.17 15. Alice Frederica EDMONSTONE was born in 1869 in Duntreath Castle, Loch Lomond, Scotland. She died on 11 Sep 1947 in Villa Bellosquardo, near Firenze, Italy. Lt. Col. George KEPPEL and Alice Frederica EDMONSTONE had the following children: i. Violet KEPPEL was born on 6 Jun 1894.  She died on 1 Mar 1970.7 ii. Sonia Rosemary KEPPEL

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How to Choose an Online High School

How to Choose an Online High School Choosing an online high school is a challenge. Parents need to find a virtual program that offers an accredited diploma and provides academic support for students, all without breaking the bank. Asking the right questions will help you find the online high school that best meets your needs. Here are twelve of the most important questions to consider: What type of online high school is this? There are four types of online high schools: private schools, public schools, charter schools, and university-sponsored schools. Being familiar with these school types will help you sort through your options. Who accredits this school? An online high school that is regionally accredited will have the widest acceptance. Diplomas and credits from regionally accredited schools are generally accepted by colleges and secondary schools. Some colleges and high schools may also accept national accreditation. Keep an eye out for unaccredited and diploma mill schools – these programs will take your money, leaving you with an inferior education and a worthless diploma. What curriculum is used? Your online high school should have a time-tested curriculum that meets your child’s academic needs (remedial, gifted, etc). Ask about additional programs such as special education, college prep, or advanced placement. What training and qualificatio ns do the teachers have? Be wary of online high schools that hire teachers without a college diploma or teaching experience. Teachers should be credentialed, know how to work with teenagers, and be comfortable with computers. How long has this online school existed? Online schools come and go. Choosing a school that has been around for longer can help you avoid the trouble of trying to transfer schools at a later date. What percent of students graduate? You can learn a lot by an online high school’s graduation track record. If a large percentage of students drop out, you may want to reconsider. Be aware that certain types of schools (such as academic recovery programs) will always have a smaller number of graduates. How many students go on to college? If college is important to you, choose an online high school that sends a lot of its graduates to college. Be sure to ask about services such as college counseling, SAT preparation, and admissions essay assistance. What expenses can be expected? Most private schools charge tuition by the semester. Public programs may provide classes free of charge, but require parents to pay for expenses such as computers, software, and internet connections. Ask abou t additional charges for curriculum, technology fees, graduation fees, and all other expenses. Also, ask about discounts, scholarships, and payment programs. How many students does each teacher work with? If a teacher is assigned too many students, he may not have time for one-on-one help. Find out what the student-teacher ratio is for most classes and ask if there is a better ratio for essential subject such as math and English. What additional help is available for struggling students? If your child is struggling, you need to know that help is available. Ask about tutoring and individual assistance. Is there any extra charge for additional help? What distance learning format is used? Some online high schools require students to work independently and turn in assignments by email. Other programs have virtual â€Å"classrooms† that allow students to interact with teachers and peers. Are any extracurricular activities offered? Find out if there are any clubs or social events available to students. Some schools offer extracurricular virtual programs that engage students and look good on a resume. In addition to these twelve basic questions, be sure to ask about any further concerns you may have. If your child has special needs or an unusual schedule, ask how the school will be able to accommodate these issues. Taking the time to interview online high schools can be a hassle. But, enrolling your child in the best possible program is always worth it.

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The American Court System Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The American Court System - Article Example The article begins by defining arbitration and mediation and explaining the basis of the two alternative dispute resolution methods. The article then discusses global application of arbitration before exploring past application of arbitration and mediation as dispute resolution approaches in the United States. Further discussion of the article covers some of the United States’ economic sectors that have in the past used mediation and arbitration. History of government involvement in promoting the alternative dispute resolution approaches are then discussed with highlights of some of the legislations that have been enacted to facilitate the approach to litigation (Gama, 2009). The article, based on its title, is expected to discuss chronological developments in alternative dispute resolution. The article could similarly be expected to explain some of the significant changes in dispute resolution that have facilitated its development. At the same time, a reader could expect discussion of the historical interaction between alternative dispute resolution and the judicial system with the aim of highlighting conflicting or complementary aspects of the two systems of dispute resolution. A large percentage of the article is therefore not related to the title. While the author should have started by introducing alternative dispute resolution in relation to the judicial system and then proceeded with a timeline history of developments in the dispute resolution and relative deviations from the judicial framework, the article explores the scope and application of alternative dispute resolution. Even though the author proceeded to discuss past legislations that have affected mediation and arbitration, readers would have expected a more explorative approach to the history. The article should have for instance discussed circumstances that led to the development of the